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Vicki Willan
 Aug 22, 2017
DG Joe Hentges
 Aug 29, 2017
Michael Pollard
 Sep 05, 2017

The River Run Network is a group of people working together to restore Tucson's heritage of flowing creeks and rivers.

The River Run Network includes all of the Tucson basin, with a focus on target restoration areas, called streamsheds. Streamsheds are specific stream sections and the adjacent land area that most influences the stream hydrology. The streamsheds are delineated by areas that have common hydrologic characteristics and flow restoration goal.

Off site visit: Wastershed Management Group
 Sep 12, 2017
No meeting--Please attend the District Conference!
 Oct 10, 2017
 Oct 13, 2017 – Oct 15, 2017
Mayor Jonathan Rothschild
 Oct 17, 2017