Posted by Alberto Ranjel on Mar 19, 2019
12:10pm, Hotel Tucson
Lunch: bruschetta chicken
Upcoming meetings & events:
March 26, 2019: OPR board meeting
April 2, 2019: regular meeting, Hotel Tucson - Casa de los NiƱos
April 9, 2019: regular meeting, Hotel Tucson - Joe Davey (vocational)
April 16, 2019: off-site meeting, Flowing Wells High School - 3rd Space Project
April 23, 2019: off-site meeting, Flowing Wells High School - 3rd Space Dedication
March meeting tasks
GREETER DESK: Dante Archangeli/Pat Kerr
INVOCATION: Ivan Russell
The OPR is glad to host Kate Spaulding, manager of the Pima County Teen Court.  Pima County Teen Court is a diversion program for minors that have been arrested and have admitted guilt to their crime. These teens choose to be sentenced by a jury of their peers instead of going through the juvenile justice court system. All participants are teens, except for the judge.  More information can be found about the organization here:
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Don't forget to sign up for upcoming 5500 events, got a lot going on this year:
April 6: Rotary/Outward Bound Day of Peace
April 13: Four-Way Test Speech Contest
April 27: District Leadership Assembly in Yuma
May 4: District Leadership Assembly in Green Valley
May 19-28: District 5500 Bike Tour in Europe
June 1-5: Rotary International Convention in Hamburg
June 22: Installation of District Governor Ellie Patterson
Keep an eye on the OPR website and bulletins!  They are ever-evolving.