Posted by Alberto Ranjel on May 21, 2019
OPR regular club meeting
12:10pm, Hotel Tucson
475 N Granada Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85701
LUNCH MENU: Chicken Fajita
Upcoming meetings & events:
May 21, 2019: regular meeting, Hotel Tucson (T. VanHook, Habitat for Humanity, Tucson)
May 28, 2019: OPR Board meeting, NO REGULAR MEETING
June 4, 2019: regular meeting, Hotel Tucson (TBD)
June 11, 2019: regular meeting, Hotel Tucson (James Cook, Western National Parks Association)
May meeting tasks:
GREETER DESK: Rene Ground/Pat Kerr
INVOCATION: Keith Ganske
Apologies for the late update for this bulletin!  Thanks to all for the continued work on Third Space!  Check out the Facebook page for progress pics.  Also, the OPR is coming to Instagram soon!
Today we welcome T. VanHook, chief executive officer for Habitat for Humanity, Tucson.  Their mission: creating a more compassionate and just world, Habitat for Humanity Tucson brings people together to build homes, communities, and hope.  More information can be found at
Welcome to the OPR!
Check out recent pictures of OPR in action on our Facebook page!
Don't forget to sign up for upcoming 5500 events, got a lot going on this year:
May 19-28: District 5500 Bike Tour in Europe
June 1-5: Rotary International Convention in Hamburg
June 22: Installation of District Governor Ellie Patterson
Keep an eye on the OPR website and bulletins!  They are ever-evolving.