Posted by Public Information, Old Pueblo Rotary Club on Sep 25, 2021
Summary of Last Meeting
The District Governor Hank Huisking, joined us in person on the 9/21.
Various members spoke about themselves as well as their club responsibilities.  The following key themes and topics were a part of the agenda:
District Grant
Youth & Vocational
Interact – Flowing Wells & Basis
Sky School
Vocational Grant Interviews
AZ Tax Credit eligible  
Sky School
Poker Tournament, sergeant-at-arms, happy bucks 
Public Information/Brand Outreach & Club Communications 
Collaborations & Community Engagement 
 Dusenberry Lunch 
 Community Foodbank
 Rotary Days of Service
 Membership Support and Recruitment
Member buddy system goal
Recruitment goals

OPR Logo & Compliance
The district has indicated that we need to be considering the Rotary Brand Manual for all communication purposes and also has raised concerns about the non-compliance of our current OPR logo.
While the current logo, is loved by all, it is important that OPR acknowledges the concerns raised by the district and take appropriate action, in order to be compliant.
To this end, here's a proposed plan for OPR to comply on this matter:
  1. Establish a working project committee as soon as possible to define how the current OPR logo could be made compliant and agree on the method and process
  2. Agree and finalize an OPR logo, that is compliant without compromising on the club's preferences
  3. Finally, publish the compliant and preferred OPR logo
Since this needs to be a collective decision, a project team needs to be established ASAP in order to address and close this matter, swiftly. All members are welcome to participate in this process.
Please treat this communication as an invitation to join this project committee and use this form to register your interest.
You must join this project committee, if your answer is "Yes" to any of the questions below.
  1. You don't want to change the old logo
  2. You have a strong opinion to change it or not to
  3. You want to provide input for a new identify
  4. You are an expert on logo and brand
  5. You just want to help or have fun
Please use this form to register your interest and the PIC will be in touch with you to discuss next steps.
We thank you for your understanding and support on this matter, as well as the process.

No Meeting on 9/28

Dictionary Project is Back!
The “Dictionary Project” has been reinstated for this year after a year off because of Covid
OPR will participate if anyone volunteers to be the Chair.

This Week on Rotary International
Peace Corps volunteers and Rotary members find meaningful connections
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OPR Member Interviews for Social Media Channels
In order to pursue the OPR Public Information Office (PIO), objectives of ENGAGE & GROW, the stories of current members and what the OPR means to them, is likely to be a great source of information and inspiration to prospective members. As such, the OPR PIO, intends to kick-off an initiative of video recording interviews of existing members, in order to publish in various social media channels: YouTube, OPR website etc.
Please look forward to further information on this initiative as well as an interview appointment requests. 
For example, we may want to initially schedule interviews with the longest standing members as well as the newest. Or indeed, any variations of the formats to make it informative as well as inspiring for prospects. It would be a great opportunity to interest and welcome new members into the club.
More information to follow!

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We are here to serve!  Check the Pima County Health Department for COVID vaccine updates, statistics, and more.  Keep reading below for tips on staying safe during these times.
Due to concerns over COVID-19, please take precautions to keep yourself healthy:
- Wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds at a time;
- Cover your mouth/nose when you cough/sneeze; 
- STAY HOME if you feel sick.
We miss you all terribly!    Stay tuned for any further updates on both the OPR website and our social media regarding COVID-19 in Pima County and Tucson.  

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