Speaker for Aug. 14th will be Flint Carter from the Entertainment Magazine.: Arizona's Gold Rush
William Thomas Carter,
"Flint" to his friends, is an artist and author born in 1947 in Danville, Illinois. In the early 1970's, after Flint moved to Southern Arizona, he was introduced to the legend of the Iron Door Mine, by Burton Holly, the man who built Hollywood.ImageIn 1995, a special collection of minerals, prehistoric and historic artifacts, art, jewelry and related memorabilia from Arizona's Canyon of Gold, Canada del Oro, was shown at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show at the TCC. The collection has premiered in the lobby entrance way of the Tucson Convention Center.
Over those years, Flint acquired thousands of acres of land mining claims in the area and has maintained some of the largest operating mines in the mountains.

With a large collection of high grade ore accumulated over the decades from the Catalinas, Carter has fashioned raw stones into dozens of unique artistic creations- jewelry, polished stones and desert rock art, or Flint Rock, named after its designer. One of his most popular collection is the Cody Stone, named in honor of William "Buffalo Bill" Cody who owned the High Jinks gold mine near Oracle, Arizona

W. T. Flint Carter is a problem solving design consultant specializing in mining and environmental reclamation, CEO of Celebrity Stones, curator of the Mine with the Iron Door Museum, director of the Santa Catalina Historic Preservation, executive consultant of the 3C Ranch and Oracle Inn in Oracle, Arizona. Continue reading about Flint Carter.