SPEAKER 6/14/2016


Doug began carving when not tending to chores on the family farm. At 16 he shipped out on a Great Lakes freighter and passed the time during off-duty hours carving small figures. After college graduation, he joined the U.S.Air Force and became a jet fighter pilot. He earned two combat decorations in Korea and again found himself passing time woodcarving. Doug later worked as an elementary and junior high principal. He was active in Boy Scouting with his son, and camp-outs found him carving a caged ball and chain for the fascinated Scouts.

Doug served as president of the Southwest Woodcarvers and is a member of Arizona Woodcarvers, National Woodcarvers Association, and Affiliated Woodcarvers, Ltd.

Doug is available to teach woodcarving seminars and judge exhibits and shows. His carvings are available for sale.

Contact info:
Doug Raine
8411 LaCanada
Tucson, AZ 85704
(520) 297-2105