The concept of Heart Mountain Counseling evolved from an actual mountain in Wyoming that moved over 60 miles from a larger mountain range- said to be the largest known instance of land movement on the planet. Geologic pressure moved it from it's original range to it's present site. The thrust of the therapeutic process involves much the same kind of pressure in an emotional sense, and the collaboration I enter into with my clients is to help them transform the pressure in their lives into tremendous positive energy for radical change: to move the mountains in their lives.
I have an optimistic, hopeful perspective of people, a natural proclivity toward empathy for others forged by my own recovery/ healing work. I believe that with adequate guidance, clients are empowered to take life- changing action. In a safe, supportive, nurturing and compassionate environment, healing and recovery goals are possible.
This is a collaborative effort between therapist and client. Together, we identify underlying causes and explore solutions to problems by strengthening one's tools of self-esteem, communication and coping abilities. A life of greater freedom, joy and love is within your reach.

Pat Williamson

Heart Mountain Counseling
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Tucson, AZ
.“Depression- Misunderstood and Mistreated”.