SPEAKER 9/13/2016
Betty Stauffer


Betty has been the Executive Director of Literacy Connects since it was formed on July 1, 2011. Before that she was the Executive Director of Literacy Volunteers of Tucson since June 2002. Literacy Connects was formed when five well-established literacy organizations in Southern Arizona merged to create one innovative organization. The over-arching mission of Literacy Connects is to open a world of possibilities to people of all ages through literacy and creative arts programs. Together these programs have 97 years of experience and annually serve more than 46,000 people in Tucson, Pima County and Southern Arizona.


Betty has lived in Tucson since 2000 having moved here from Cleveland, Ohio. She is a social worker and was the Executive Director of a transitional housing program for homeless families for 10 years in Cleveland. She loves working in literacy because it is addressing one of the root causes of homelessness and poverty, both of which have been her professional focus for 25 years.


Betty is the mother of two grown children and the grandmother of three delightful, precocious and adorable little boys.