OPRs 501c3 Foundation, among other business during the year, approved refurbishing TUSDs Cragin Elementary School marquee.  Thanks to Foundation President, Tori Meyer, Shannan Marty and all of OPRs members for pushing this service project through to completion including receiving a matching D5500 grant.  OPR continues to promote youth and public education as part of it's larger mission including the annual Sky School in collaboration with Flowing Wells High School and the U of A.  Other service projects include construction of the gardens at Cragin Elementary school,  YMCA camp funding, an annual literacy project at a Flowing Wells elementary school, volunteering for the Primavera men's shelter, donating children's books to the Reading Seed, service projects at Ben's Bells, annual third grade dictionary project which in 2016 OPR distributed more than 600 free dictionaries, and providing annual unrestricted college scholarships to deserving students.