Callie Jordan

Callie Jordan – Hummingbird Bio

I have been a teacher since I told the other kids in my neighborhood how to have a dog show at age 8. Formally, I started with teaching high school French right out of college to having most recently retired from 25+ years teaching Adult Ed computer classes. I’ve been on Speakers' Bureaus for several nonprofits and done presentations on environmental issues along the way (want to know about eating insects?). My interests have always included enjoyment, protection, preservation of the natural world.
I joined Tucson Audubon before I even moved here from Oregon, knowing I’d meet people who were interested in habitat and ecosystems. As a bonus, though I’m still not much of an actual birder, I’ve learned a little bit by osmosis and can recognize several of the more distinctive Arizona birds. I particularly like the ones that come to feeders, or sit still on a branch long enough to focus on them --- especially if they’re brightly colored.

Everyone Loves Hummingbirds

One unmistakable bird is a hummingbird, and it is one that is both brightly colored and readily comes to feeders. It’s an easy bird to attract --- they don’t require a lot of space, don’t mind people, don’t need much more than a hanging feeder of sugar water. In fact, you can do a lot to help hummingbirds by providing food in the urban areas that don’t have as many native flowers they ordinarily rely on.
For Tucson Audubon, this is the Year of the Hummingbird. Hummingbirds are fascinating to watch, and make us all wonder how they can do so much when they’re so tiny. From their special flying abilities to the iridescence of their feathers, there are amazing facts still being discovered.  Our volunteers are offering lessons to elementary classes through Tucson, with 28 already completed during the Spring semester --- and we’ll start back up in the Fall. But rather than let the kids have all the fun, we also offer the presentations to adults.