Follow your different drum. Dare to defy boundaries to learning. DDLD offers educational tutoring and school advocacy for students and adults with learning challenges. Academic, behavior, social and life skills training, drum circles & music.
Dedicated to empowering people for successful learning and living. Together we can create an inclusive world.
"Share our similarities, celebrate our differences." - M. Scott Peck
Some examples of Whole-person strategies for learning well:
  • Integrated Listening Systems - Music and movement for auditory processing, sensory integration and attention
  • Computer Based Instruction for Academics and life skills,
  • Life-Skills Assessment and Skill-Building for Independence
  • Cognitive Affective Training (CAT) for Self Regulation, social thinking and understanding...
  • Video Modeling - Learning and applying Social and play skills
  • Behavior challenges - assessments, plans and team coordination
  • Person-Centered Plans - empowering your team to support your dreams
  • I will mentor your success.
  • Don't forget rhythm and music for recreational benefits.
  • Health Rhythms is a healing protocol modified for individuals and groups. (i.e. team building, elder care, teens, etc.)
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