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Off site Visit to tour the Gospel Rescue Mission Administrative Offices with Roy E. Tullgren III - Executive Director - Pastor

History of the Gospel Rescue Mission of Tucson The Beginning... Mr. Ray Chastain, who was a yardmaster for the Southern Pacific Railroad, saw a never-ending stream of homeless men riding the rails in and out of Tucson. To express Christian charity, Ray and other caring and concerned Christian's in Tucson prayerfully founded Gospel Rescue Mission in 1953.

About GRM's Mission and Values

Mission Statement

To become the most effective life changing ministry in Tucson that serves the homeless and needy by providing for their spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental wholeness through the power of Jesus Christ. 

Values Statement

The ministry of the Gospel Rescue Mission is based upon the following values:

  • We believe in God's Grace in His dealing with us and in our dealing with others.

    We Purpose:
    To share God's gift of grace, His unmerited love and favor, which allows us to repent of sin and be saved by faith, transforms our lives and calls us to Holy living. We also extend grace (loving kindness, goodness, mercy, favor, and peace) to everyone.

  • We believe in the Transformation of Lives through the Word of God.

    We Purpose:
    To preach and teach the Bible as the inspired and infallible Word of God and the only authoritative guide for the development and management of lives.

  • We believe that our staff members and ministry are Christ Centered and Reliant on Him.

    We Purpose:
    To express our faith by following Christ in our personal lives as well as for the direction of this ministry. We place our total trust in Him to meet all of our needs.

  • We believe in Meeting Spiritual Needs through Christ.

    We Purpose:
    To introduce every person to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

  • We believe in Offering Hope in Christ.

    We Purpose:
    To present the hope for an abundant and transformed life on earth and eternal life with God in Heaven.

  • We believe in addition to meeting spiritual needs we must also assist by Providing for Physical and Emotional Needs.

    We Purpose:
    To provide food, clothing, shelter, and counseling for homeless and needy men, women, and children.

  • We believe in creating an environment that is Loving, Caring, & Compassionate.

    We Purpose:
    To nurture each client by responding to their needs with love, care, and compassion by exhibiting grace, gentleness, kindness, encouragement, respect, understanding, and empathy, which allows a person to become the man or woman God created them to be and honors their diversity.

  • We believe in operating with Integrity as individual staff and as a ministry.

    We Purpose:
    To be honest and above reproach in our dealings with others.

  • We believe in Providing a Safe & Secure Environment to all who seek our services.

    We Purpose:
    To operate our shelters, programs, and services in a facility and atmosphere that is supportive, harmonious, and warm, thus creating a safe and secure environment.