Below is an excerpt of an email Ernie received today from Past District Governor Mike Forney of District 5440 in Colorado.  PDG Mike is the Chief Trainer for the RLI (Rotary Leadership Institute) Faculty in the Rocky Mountain Division of RLI -- the RLI Division that includes our District.    
     It is especially interesting because PDG Mike was not on this trip, but still heard about it.  The word of your club's rescue assistance quickly spread through their District 5440.  He did remember the Tucson connection and our District, but just forgot the name of the club when he told us about this on Friday.  
     Once again I am so proud of your club and so glad that you are in our District 5500.  Knowing of PDG Michael Drake's interest in the Saguaro RC, I am copying him on this email as well.  
Warm regards,
     I told Sally that our ten Interact kids were rescued by a Tucson club during the holidays this past year when they had to be evacuated from Agua Prieta when a drug war broke out there right when they arrived to distribute Christmas gifts to local orphans (a project we’ve been doing with the AP Rotary club for several years). 
     Sally was unaware of the event.  I didn’t have the name of the club when I spoke with her but learned it was the Saguaro club.  They found lodging for the kids and Rotary chaperones (about 12-14 in all) and found a project for them to become involved in!
Mike Forney