This is Suzanne's 12th year with the Rotary Dictionary Project. It means so much to her! Even with her physical limitations, she still glows from ear to ear each year when she works on this project!


Suzanne, contacts the school principal and 3rd grade teachers, tallies the number of books required to fulfill the needs and then places the order.

She then makes sure OP has Rotary Labels printed and are included inside each book.


The books are then packaged  into separate boxes for the the individual schools.


Suzanne , along with other Rotary Members who are able to accompany her, does NOT just drop the books off to the participating schools, but she presents them to the 3rd grade class(es) with  a 15-20 minute class session - demonstrating to the kids how to obtain information from this dictionary.


The teachers love the idea that there are lesson plans on  this website to assist them when teaching.  Http://

The schools incorporate these dictionaries into their lesson plans for topics such as for the Maps of the World, The Constitution, US Presidents, Periodic Table of Elements, Facts about Countries & Locations and so much more.


The 3rd graders are so excited that they can put their own name in the books and that the book belongs to them! It's an amazing thing to experience! I've included a photo from the Mary Bell McCorkle School of Excellence.