The following is a release from the Flowing Wells Unified School District:

On Tuesday, January 22, 2013 at a regularly scheduled meeting, the Flowing Wells School District
Governing Board approved a two-year contract for Superintendent Dr. David Baker, beginning July 1, 2013.

Dr. Baker began his Flowing Wells career as a fourth grade teacher in 1991 at Centennial Elementary School. Dr. Baker also served as a Flowing Wells Junior High School assistant principal in 1995 and Flowing Wells Junior High School principal from 1998-2002 in the Flowing Wells District.

Dr. Baker was the principal at Mesa Verde Elementary School in the Amphitheater School District from 1996-1998.

Dr. Baker was appointed as the Flowing Wells associate superintendent in 2002 and has served in this position until his recent selection as superintendent.
Dr. Baker has volunteered on several committees with the Arizona Department of Education, working on issues related to school improvement and state assessments.
Dr. David Baker has been a member of the Saguaro Rotary Club since 2003 and currently serves as the president.


Working with the Board, faculty and staff, Dr. Baker's notable achievements include:

    Common Core standards curriculum implementation and assessment initiative

    Comprehensive technology implementation plan including adoption of the student       i
      information system

    Development of standards-based and research-driven staff development program

    Chair of design committee for $19.9 million bond projects

Following his appointment, Dr. Baker made the following remarks at the Board meeting:

In this very room, I began my career in Flowing Wells almost 23 years ago. My first day was Day 1 of Induction with Mrs. Susie Heintz. I vividly remember being asked to write an objective and an uneasy feeling of anxiety rushed over me. Over the next four days, I was taught the incredible but unknown concepts of anticipatory set, active participation, teaching to an objective, task analysis, and closure.

The focus on professional development has and will continue to be the hallmark of our district. We simply cannot expect things to happen without maintaining a professional environment that continually engages us all to improve our craft.

In looking back in my induction notebook, I was reminded of a quote, "You can't do it all and you can't do it alone." I don't remember the author, but the words have been reinforced in many ways over the years. My priority will remain true to the district mission of preparing students for life after graduation.

In order for us to fulfill the mission, our entire staff and community must contribute and work together to provide our students the quality educational opportunity they all deserve. We can only do this together.