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No Limit Texas Hold'Em Tournament

All players compete individually for prizes and trophies.  Real tournament rules, pro dealers, and tables - just like TV!  Teams compete against other teams for additional trophies and prizes.  Any 5 players can enter as a team.  Prizes and trophies to all players who make the FINAL TABLE, the WINNING TEAM and SATELLITE TABLES. 

Players must be 18 years of age or older.

Saguaro Rotary is a 501(C)(3) charitable non profit organization.


Tournament Schedule

All players start with an equal amount of chips; for this event, the starting amount is $3,500.  As play progresses, the mandatory blind bets and the minimum bets increase and more players will lose all of their chips and be eliminated.  Seats will be assigned randomly, and reassigned at the starts of round 3 and 6.


Each player is allowed 2 REBUYS of additional chips if they lose all their chips before the end of the third roundThe REBUY is $2,500 in chips for an additional contribution of $20.  There will also be  2ND CHANCE tables for players who are eliminated from the main event before the end of round 4.  Entry donation for a 2ND CHANCE event is $20.  Each 2ND CHANCE table will be a separate tournament of 6-9 players.


The finishing position in the tournament is the order in which players lose all of their chips and are eliminated; The last person left is the winner.  The last 8-10 players are the FINAL TABLE.  All 8-10 players will receive trophies and will be allowed to select their own prizes from those available, with the winner choosing first.


"Keith asked for team and prize commitments a couple of weeks ago.  Let's get those team entry forms in ASAP to reserve your spots before we open this up to the general masses."