This is a wonderful project for Tucson and a very cost effective program which coincides with the spirit and purpose of Rotary.

This year, I would like to broaden the vision of giving a dictionary to every third grader not only in the schools in each of our communities or in our city, but rather to every third grader in our district. This goal can only be accomplished with the support and contribution of each and every club in the district. For those clubs which have participated in the past, we need you to commit to distributing dictionaries to those schools which you have served in the past and consider expanding the number of schools you can serve this year. For those clubs which have not participated in the Program, I urge you to strongly consider it for this year. And finally, for those of you who may know of an individual or corporation which may be interested in sponsoring unserved schools in our District, please have them contact Wayne Morrison (520-301-5966 or ) our District Dictionary Coordinator. Also, please inform Wayne of the schools and number of students you will serve in 2011-112.