Posted on May 08, 2018
Dawn Armstrong, ThinkSafe Seminars



A second degree black belt, Dawn has studied martial arts for over 17 years. She has applied those techniques – and more importantly how to not need them – while living in major US cities and traveling extensively. Her Every Day Self Defense seminars explore a variety of effective strategies based on preventing violence and crime before it happens. By teaching people how to look for, identify, and avoid threats, Dawn’s goal is to help them enjoy their days with more awareness and less fear. 

The ThinkSAFE curriculum was developed by interviewing world-class experts in the field, including police, US military and Border Patrol. Their knowledge and experience blended with Dawn’s to create the knowledge base she shares with clients today.

Dawn earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Syracuse University and spent the first 25 years of her career helping businesses and non-profits grow via marketing and business development. Dawn loves exploring new places with family and friends, cooking, and the continuing challenge of keeping plants alive & flowering in the Southwest desert.